Friends of the Brisbane Ranges Inc.

The Friends of the Brisbane Ranges provides opportunities for people to meet socially as well as helping and learning about the environment, ecology, flora, fauna, and history of the Brisbane Ranges National Park and Steiglitz Historic Park.

Little more than an hours drive from Melbourne takes you to the states richest wildflower habitat.

The Brisbane Ranges National Park is about 80km west of Melbourne and about 30km north of Geelong. Popular areas of the park are accessible from the Geelong-Ballan Road and the Staughton Vale Road out of Anakie.

Set in a low range of mountains dissected by rocky gullies, the unusual geology of Brisbane Ranges National Park has preserved plants that have long since vanished from the region, together with a correspondingly diverse bird population and the greatest density of koalas in Victoria.

Brisbane Ranges

Straight down the Princess Freeway (Geelong Road).

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Friends of the Brisbane Ranges Inc. 

Friends of the Brisbane Ranges Inc.

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