TAC | Transport Accident Commission

TAC | Transport Accident Commission

The TAC is a Victorian Government-owned organisation set up in 1986 to pay for treatment and benefits for people injured in transport accidents. It is also involved in promoting road safety in Victoria and in improving Victorias trauma system..

Funding used by the TAC to perform these functions comes from payments made by Victorian motorists when they register their vehicles each year with VicRoads.

The TAC is a "no-fault" scheme. This means that medical benefits will be paid to an injured person - regardless of who caused the accident.

What the TAC Does

The TAC covers transport accidents directly caused by the driving of a car, motorcycle, bus, train or tram. The organisation pays benefits to people injured in an accident as a:
-:- driver
-:- passenger
-:- pedestrian
-:- motorcyclist, or cyclist

Road Toll Statistics

Since 1989, over 6,200 people have been killed on Victorian roads.
View Road Toll Statistics
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-:- Road Toll Annual
-:- Road Toll Rolling 12 Month
-:- Serious Injuries Year to Date
-:- Serious Injuries Rolling 12 Month
-:- Crash Database

Drinking & Driving

How much can I drink before I am over the limit? There is no single answer to this question for every person, the Blood Alcohol Impairment Table serves as a guide based on your sex, weight and the number of drinks consumed.

Yellow Card

Now, here is a clever idea! Do you know someone that drinks and drives, or drives on drugs, or drives badly in some way? Then go to the Yellow Card web site and send them a Yellow Card. A free service which allows you to tell that person what they are doing wrong, and if they do not stop then you will do something about it.. like tell their family, or dob them in.

8:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

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 ⊜  60 Brougham Street, Geelong Victoria 3220 | Map
 ✆ Telephone: 1300 654 329 | 1800 332 556 (toll-free)
60 Brougham Street,GeelongVictoria1300 654 329 | 1800 332 556 (toll-free)

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TAC | Transport Accident Commission
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