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Each year, approximately 30 children in the Geelong area experience the death of a parent. Currently, no specialist service exists that offer professional support to these children.

This is an extremely difficult time for them and their family, and this can potentially result in long-term emotional health problems.

We assist bereaved children to find a way to live with loss and grief, to move forward and take the next steps on their bereavement journey.

Wombats Wish is based on a very successful and highly regarded Winstons Wish program in the UK. Wombats Wish hopes to demonstrate the value of such a service in the Geelong area.

The service is a therapeutic one, provided by a team of professional facilitators in conjunction with trained volunteers.

Our range of programs include:

After school support

The groups will meet for two hours once a week for a period of six weeks.

During these sessions we work with the children with experimental exercises, artwork, films, guest speakers and have lots of discussion.

The parents session is run concurrently in a separate room and are both children and parents are united at certain intervals.

The camps

The camp is a key component of the overall service and facilitates a therapeutic process that is highly valued by both parents and children.

It can be both challenging and fun, with practical and creative activities which encourage teamwork and build self esteem and confidence.

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