Osborne House

Osborne House

Osborne House was built in 1858 for the squatter Robert Muirhead [died 1862] and his wife Mary [nee Adams died 1863].

Osborne House has had a number of owners and an interesting history.

1865-73 - Leased by John Lang Currie as a townhouse.
1873-75 - Leased by E.J. Hogg.
1878 - Purchased by Mr Francis Maguire .
1886 Mrs Maguire sold to Andrew S Low but continued as a tenant.
1888 the property was sold to Philip Russell .

1900 Philip Russell sold Osborne House to the State Govt. for use as the Premiers Country Retreat - never occupied.

1905 Geelong Harbour Trust was formed and the property was included by the State Govt as an endowment. Federation of 1901 created a push to form Australias own Navy and to train Naval Officers instead of being reliant on Britain & Osborne House was renovated & extended and offered by the Geelong Harbour Trust to the Federal Govt for same.

1913-1915 Osborne House became Australias 1st Naval Training College

1919 - WW1 - Osborne House became a Naval Convalescent Hospital..

1920-22 Osborne House became the home of Australias 1st SUBMARINE fleet.

1937 Osborne House was purchased by the Shire of Corio for use as their municipal offices.

1940 [during WW2] as their contribution to the war effort, the Corio Shire council moved into rented premises in Geelong to allow the Australian Army to use the property as a training base. They moved back in 1945.

For over 50 years Osborne House was headquarters to the Shire of Corio until amalgamation of the 9 municipal councils to form the City of Greater Geelong in 1993. It has been largely empty since.

In 2003 Council voted to retain Osborne House & Stables in community ownership for the use and benefit of the community.

In 2013 the Geelong City Council voted to retain the status quo of Osborne House in the hands of the Osborne Park Association and the Current community groups that use the space until 2015 where all proposals will be reviewed again.

Osborne House is currently home to several community groups but in 2006 The Osborne House Precinct Master Plan was adopted by Council.

Osborne Park Association Inc.

The Osborne Park Association Inc was founded in 1999 out of a community desire for the historically significant property known as Osborne House, its Stables and environs to be retained in public ownership.

With a primary purpose of ensuring the history of the property is retained and augmented, and that the fabric of all the socially, culturally and historically significant buildings be maintained and enhanced in perpetuity.

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