Bay City Seaplanes

Its time for the seaplane experience and time to see the views of Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula with Bay City Seaplanes.

See the Surfcoast and the beauty of the Great Ocean Road. Discover the awesome magnificence of the renowned 12 Apostles in the comfort of a seaplane.

This is the Geelong seaplane experience, its an experience you can afford and one you will never forget.

Joy Flights

Bay City Seaplanes offer a range of exciting short duration joy flights available on a regular basis. Departing from the vibrant Geelong waterfront, the flights are an excellent way to experience the thrill of the seaplane experience, at a minimal cost.

All flights operate daily from the purpose built pontoon located at Steampacket Quay, at the shore end of Cunningham Pier. They start from a basic Geelong flight at $35.00 Per Person.*


This is a short introductory flight with a total duration of about 15 minutes of which about 5-6 minutes is spent in the air. This is ideal for the younger children who may display anxiety or for those prone to motion sickness. It may be short but its fun. The flight offers an aerial view of Geelong and the magnificent waterfront together with the thrill of a water take-off and landing.

Duration @15-20 minutes $35.00 pp*

Torquay, Bells and Ocean Grove

This is a longer joy-flight for those with a little more time on their hands.

From Geelong we track along the Surfcoast Highway to Torquay and over the world renowned Bells Beach. Down to 500 ft along the coast we track east to the entrance of the Barwon River, and the towns of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.

We over fly the pristine beaches such as 13th Beach, The Bluff and the popular Ocean Grove front beach and then track along the Barwon River, over Lake Connewarre back to the Waterfront at Geelong. This flight provides a great snapshot of the Bellarine Peninsula and the beauty of its beaches.

Duration @ 30-35 minutes $75.00 pp*

Bellarine Penninsula

By far the longest of the three standard joy-flight options.

This is a truly interesting flight. Departing from the Geelong waterfront, we head east over the amazing array of salt lakes that form part of the Chetham salt works. Then its coastal along the northern coast of the Bellarine Peninsula over notable features such as Scotchmans Hill vinyards and settlements such as Leopold, Clifton Springs, Drysdale and eventually Portarlington.

From overhead Portarlington we follow the coast to Indented Head and the still visible wreckage of the Ozone paddlesteamer, then its south to St Leonards. Further to the south we track seaward to over fly the picturesque Mud Island, then coast bound again to see Swan Island, Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale.

At Point Lonsdale we look over the notorious Rip, and arguably some of the most treacherous waters of the world.

Proceeding west, we return to our coastal sojourn of the magnificent Surf Coast, with an exiting flight along the beaches of Point Lonsdale, and Collendina to the towns of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. Its here we pick up the inland track of the Barwon River following its winding path across Lake Conewarre and back to the City of Geelong.

* All prices quoted apply to 4 passengers and is inclusive of GST. All flights are subject to maximum total passenger loading of 300 kg.

Scenic Tours

Lorne and the Surfcoast

So much more than just another scenic flight, this is a definite seaplane coast experience! Departing from the Geelong Waterfront, we set course from over the city of Geelong south along the Surfcoast Highway, to Torquay and the world famous Bells Beach. From there we descend to 500 feet to cruise the scenic Surf Coast. We soar around the Aireys Inlet Light-house, past the towering cliffs of the Eumerella Scout Camp and along the countless beaches including Angleasea Surf Beach, Pt Addis, Pt Roadnight, Aireys Inlet , Fairhaven, Eastern View and the pristine Lorne Surf Beach.

From overhead the township of Lorne, we head home again along the glorious coast and again at a magic 500 feet. Photo opportunities abound, as we cruise along the Great Ocean Road over the seemingly endless sandy beaches, back to Torquay and a return leg to the beautiful Geelong waterfront.

Needless to say this is an unforgetable experience. A flight of about 1 hour duration, covering much of the surfcoast and offering a glimpse of the renowned Great Ocean Road . It covers numerous noteworthy features including many of the shipwreck sites that litter the coast. This is an opportunity to experience the beauty of the surfcoast in a short time, ideal for those with a lot to see and not a lot of time to do it.

Duration @ 1hour Price $175 pp*

* Price quoted applicable to 4 passengers and may vary.

Departures from:
Steam Packet Quay
Geelong Foreshore

Visit the Bay City Seaplanes website via the link below for more information and bookings.

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